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There is a wonderful cell phone supplied with the following advantages:
People are dreaming of using visual cell phone for several decades. Nowadays, there is a cell phone making this dream come true, through connecting two phones and touching the button slightly, you can say hello to your children easily, and look at your friends on the other side of the world, or enjoy a funny story with you lover and laugh with her together, there is no other phone can do this job.

Retina monitor
What you do and see on this cell phone will take on amazing visional effect with the retina monitor. Any size of words in the electronic book, web and E-mail will be displayed clearly enough. The image of photo and video will be stunning enough in any direction, this is because the super-high pixels density of this phone is over the eyesight scope of the human.

Now, you can run several third-party applications simultaneously, and switch freely among them, without making the front application slowly, so it will not consume too much energy, this kind of intelligent multitasking is only supplied on this phone.
HD camera
It can go with you anywhere, you can seize every wonderful moments. You can take the high definition pictures with it. Its advanced sensor can help you take the wonderful photos not only under the normal light but also the dark light. Under the dark circumstance, you can even use the built-in LED flash to make the scene more brighter.

Wow, how wonderful the phone is! At this moment, you must can wait no more to ask whats the name of it?, oh yes, it is iPhone 4, besides, there are more advantages about this cell phone, such as the appearance, the thickness of iPhone 4 is just 9.3mm, which helps it become the thinnest cell phone in the world, just as you know, the long-awaited white style has been on the market, why not have a try?

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