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To buy the real valuable watch, some advices are needed to follow to tell a fake from the original. The advices are as follows.

The movement is needed to watch carefully. The characters engraved on the genuine watch¡¯s movement are clear and beautiful, while the ones on the counterfeit watch are coarse. In addition, the buyers need to be familiar with the movement¡¯s types and labels so that the genuine watch can be identified at once. Also, the characteristics of the movements must be deeply grasped, for instance, the sound the movement makes when moving.

The appearance of the watch should be paid attention to. The high quality watch is usually exquisite, while the workmanship of the counterfeit one is far different.

The font of the characters engraved on the genuine watch is spidery and clear. Otherwise, it is counterfeit watch.

The differences can also be known from the hands¡¯ length, thickness, color and materials. For instance, the blue color of the hands of the genuine watch is formed by complicated process. While the blue color of the hands of the counterfeit watch is simply painted.

The watch¡¯s function is a breakthrough point to see through the counterfeit watch. Many functions (such as automatic calendar, diagrams of phases of the moon, diagrams of tides, heart rate measurement and so on) of the counterfeit watch do not exist actually.

The watch glass is another judgment criterion. Generally speaking, the wrist watch glass is made of sapphire crystal glass. The simplest identifying method is to tap the fingers on the surface of the glass. The sound that is made will be clear.

The watch case and certificate must be checked. The workmanship of the watch case can also reflect the value of the high quality watch. So the watch case is usually of fine workmanship. And in the certificate is printed the model number of the watch as well as each watch¡¯s unique producing serial number.

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