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The 2011 summer fashion is all about colors. There are the color blocking, the floral fashion, the sharp color fashion and neon prints etc. Such trends not only sweep the fashion clothes, the designer handbags and the charming shoes etc, but also transforms to the glamorous jewelries. The jewelries are now seeing a popular trend in color application. The famous luxury fashion brand, Chanel has just launched a colorful collection – Secrets d’Orients. It is a beautiful jewelry collection brimming with East-meets-West characteristics.

The Chanel Secrets d’Orients collection, as a collection that expresses the East-meets-West characteristics, refers not to the entire oriental cultures, but to the Eastern Roman Empire – Byzantine. The culture of the Eastern Roman Empire is a catalyst of Greek, Roman Empire and the Eastern hemisphere. And it is from such a rich artistic culture that the Secrets d’Orients collection of Chanel is crystallized.

The Chanel Secrets d’Orients collection is a reflection of the brand’s unyielding interest to the orient. In the collection, there is the ring that resembles a Venetian cupola and there is the openwork bracelet that reminisces a sculpted façade. Other oriental references are quite apparent in its multicolored gemstones. The shapes and settings of the multicolored gemstones give colorful reflections to the Byzantine architecture. There are the squarely arrayed gemstones, the roundly arranged gemstones of different colors, and the one single large rectangular gemstone that are combined in one single earring. Some features the baguette and briolette-cut stones with interlaced embroideries of the Ottoman silk. And there are cuffs, plastrons and pendant earrings that are flowing with the Persian mosaics. Each piece in the Chanel Secrets d’Orients collection displays a unique orient characteristic.

Chanel Secrets d’Orients collection ring

The Chanel Secrets d’Orients collection quite matches the Chanel’s passion expressed in Chanel’s Mademoiselle bag collection. It is colorful, bold and orientally beautiful. Hope you all enjoy them.


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