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Ties are essential accessories in men’s dress, which can well embody a person’s taste, especially matching with formal dress like the suit. And it is also very important to wear a right tie in a certain occasion. Here are some tips for how to choose the suitable tie according to different occasions.

The appropriate color. Ties can be divided into single color and versicolor. Single color ties can be used in official activities and ceremonious social occasions. Among these single color ties, blue, grey, black, brown, white and mauve are the most popular. Generally speaking, there shouldn’t be over three colors in a versicolor tie and this kind of tie suits most of the occasions. Ties, brightly colored, are not so widely used, which will not invite criticism only when being used in unofficial social occasion or leisure time.
The suitable pattern. The pattern of the ties used in official occasion should be regular and traditional, the most common among which are diagonal, lateral-cut, vertical-bar, dot, chequer and regular floral patterns. The ties with pattern of figures, animals, plants, flowers, houses, sights or grotesquerie can only be used in unofficial occasions. You’d better not recklessly wear ties printed with advertisement, team-mark or family-logo.
A durable and joker tie must be single color; black silk-texture tie is the most widely. However, this kind of tie is not that formalist kind wore in university military in your mind, instead, is that with regular stereoscopic strip and sewn by handwork.

In the pursue for beautiful costume in men, tie is one important embodiment of showing his taste. A man who knows how to embellish himself can not only show his special pursue for beauty in choosing and matching with ties, but even influence others’ feeling in his status, credit and ability.

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