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In 1955 February, Coco Chanel lady unveiled a chain with metal. It happens to be known as 2.55. It’s also proud of the planet favourite brand. Chanel has become the world’s most famous brand: “C”, has been popular in our era.

Coco Chanel was convinced that the “Simple” is the best works. Her classic design includes: No. 5 the perfume, a soft or two little black dress shoes, etc. Parts of it was to advocate the man had his hands free in the link with the leather handbag, her favorite still unfolding in silk and wrap up the dinner relief.
“Classic Money” is especially a pair of c lock and leather bag break the chains. Classic symbol of money is the key of c lock and with leather chains the metal. From shining metal materials to double the size of a full set of accessories, light from patent leather to turn the box from the giant bag, “the ladies for chanel classic 2.55 the expectations, there is black is not enough.”

2.55 chanel handbags soul was to add new elements to be delivered, still not forget the traditional classic ï¼› a rectangle on the outline, and the opposite space, metal leather link with this handbag made in any case, we can recognize it at a glance. 2.55 a handbag women don’t need any information about how to go with it the fashion, it is so friendly with — it is your pet.

Chanel Reissue 2.55

February 2005, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of birth 2.55, karl lagerfeld in strict accordance with the design of miss coco in 1955 to reissue a money 2.55, was named the Reissue. Later, everyone is known as “Chanel Reissue 2.55″.

Whether the first or later, miss coco of woodblock printing, the most obvious sign is a metal his shoulders, and rectangular Mademoiselle lock. Mademoiselle was french, meaning that miss coco for the unmarried. The woodblock printing is the classic pieces of material, and the original design. But each year will also launch when the new product, under the fabric material, and manual features of embroidery and satin stamp and a soft, or leather the rivets, with metal jersey knit fabric, pastel tones hand, chanel 2.55 in shape and material to continue to strive for innovations.

2.55 chanel handbags, classic series of irrelevance design style, a mature women charm. It’ s forever Chanel!

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