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Quartz clock battery for energy is electronic, quartz oscillators, with the benchmark for time for the core of integrated circuit through Pointers or figures to show time.
Quartz clocks are pointer type, digital and double explicit 3 kinds. Look from the composition, pointer type quartz watch and pointer type quartz clock, digital quartz watch and digital quartz clock is the same, but pointer type quartz clocks and digital quartz clocks are different.
Digital quartz watch no pointer but with digital display time. Shows two different ways. One is leds display (abbreviation LED), because great power consumption, already no longer use; Another kind is liquid crystal display (LCD), for now as the most digital quartz watch adopted. It consumed small, simple structure, low cost. But LCD belong to passive shine in the darkness must have shown in the table, lighting can see digital, and LCD perspective smaller. Double show quartz watch comprehensive above two quartz watch advantages. It has both pointer type quartz watch pointer, and a digital display, complete function.
Unique watch for the most special person;
The choose and buy quartz watch need to check the following:
First check trademark, the factory, the product brand introduction, quality certificate and other is true, complete, whether to have questionable.
Second check production technology, atlas, back glue, printing, assembly, battery, appearance is delicate, dial, table Mongolian, back cover, check whether watch closely with a knock against, scratch whether everywhere, prevent counterfeit.
Finally checklist of pushed into whether sensitive launch.
Besides quartz watch quality classification is also how we prefer quartz watches considerations:
High-grade quartz watch adopt tungsten carbide, LanBaoShi Mongolia, with 18K gold ear for the materials, such as never wear type.
Midrange quartz watch imported machine, domestic assembly production.
Cheap quartz watch with domestic machine production but becomes.
Import quartz watch with Japanese primarily, table is characteristic of all with foreign advanced raw material production, appearance well-produced, gloss, and when FanXiu rate is low, accurate, the function is perfect. And counterfeit products for plastic machine, raw materials more mixed assembly error big insincerely forbids, seal, air, water lax easily into dust, etc.

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