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You may laugh when you first look at this picture. Most of us like this man in our daily life. When it is workday, we have to wake up early in the morning, because job is the basic existence of ourselves. We have to hunt for a job to support ourselves, our family and also other items. As the development of economy and society, we feel more pressure than ever. Live in this competitive society, all the paces of the world move faster than ever. Sometimes we even ask ourselves: How to adapt to this fast society? Am I old enough to adapt to it?

In fact, all the pressure from every aspect of the outside depends on the attitude of us. Here I recommend several methods that I always use in daily life to release pressure; hope it will help you a little.

1. Focus on the process, not on the result. Many people in daily life always pay more attention to the result of one thing. They want to make great success and win applause from other people. Thus in this way, they always aim at the goal which is beyond their capacity and cannot reach the expected effect that they had thought. If the result turns bad, they will lose courage to go on the job and be upset from then on. As far as I concerned, the process of one job is more meaningful than the result of it, for the result is just an end, the process of this work is the real journey you enjoy.

2. Leave the work alone for a while. Many people may feel pressure if their boss increases the quantity or the quality of their job. If you face this situation, you just leave the work for a while, and are mind – absent for a while. This behavior can not only adjust your brain, but also well for you to get rest from work.

3. Do some exercises. This is also a better way for people who have great pressure to adopt. In your spare time, you can exercise yourself with friends in play ground. Running in fact is my favorite sport when I feel pressure or in a bad mood. You can go to an open square and run for several circles. After running, you will feel relax both physical and mental

4. Watch your favorite programs of listen to the music that you like. This always is a better method for people to release pressure in daily life.

5. Have a good rest. The reason why people feel great pressure is that they don’t have enough rest. If you are in this situation, just leave everything alone, and go to bed for a good rest. Don’t think anything; just cover your body with quilt. When you wake up, you will feel relaxed and be filled with energy.

Actually, our attitude towards pressure plays an important role both on physical and mental. When face with great pressure, just take a deep breath, and have a belief that everything will go through. If you can do that, you already become a successful person in the world.

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