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With appropriate care, watches can provide their owners with many years of accuracy, reliability and pleasure. Now, here are some tips to take care of watches.

Tip One

When you are wearing a watch, the sweat will definitely cause corrosion of the surface. The stainless steel is much more durable than other materials like copper, silver or gold. Therefore, it is quite important to remove the sweat or water on the surface of the watch. You can use a piece of supple cloth or something soft to mop the watch.

Tip Two

It is totally wrong to open the back-case by yourself. That’s because dust will come into the inner construction of the watch, and then the dust can impact the accuracy badly. If there is something wrong with the watch, the professional craftsmen can help you a lot.

Tip Three

It is forbidden to put the watch near to television, computers or radio. That is because the magnetic field will certainly impact the reliability of your watch.

Tip Four

If the watch has been involved in humid air, both the surface and the inner structure are influenced by dampness. Now, you’d better put the watch near to the bulb and. The heat of the light can make it dry and also it is not so hot that the watch might be damaged. Similarly, you can put a block of calcium oxide and the watch into a sealed container for three hours, and then the watch can become dry.

Tip Five

Do not throw away the case of the watch. In order to avoid impacts outside, you’d better put the watch in the case when the timepiece is not in use.

Tip Six

If it is possible, you are supposed not to wear a watch for a very long time. In that case, you can not only show a versatile appeal, but also make the watch clean for quite a while. So, the lifespan of the watch can be prolonged.

Tip Seven

Don’t wear the watch while sleeping, especially the luminant one. That’s because the special material will unquestionably affect your health. The luminant chemical will release a certain amount of radium. Hence, you should put off the watch when you are going to sleep.

Tip Seven

If there are some scratches on the case, drop little water and then put some toothpaste on the surface. At last, use a piece of cloth to mop it and the watch can show fresh exterior again.

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