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A busy but fulfilled year has passed, and it is a time that you should reward yourself. A watch which is elegant, exact and worthy to be come down must be the best. Longines presents gold, rose gold, 18K gold and diamonds watches for ladies. With a Longines watch on your wrist, you will be more graceful and more confident among your friends. A brilliant famous watch will help you make your golden time!
Longines PrimaLuna waystone rose gold collections:

New year’s fireworks bloom in the dark sky, and the moon is always the most beautiful and royal star. PrimaLuna wrist watches are made with round stripes, simple surface, and with bright diamonds, which are just like the beautiful moon that is charming and graceful. With a Longines watch you will mast the fashion, and shine brightly among people because of the secret air given out by the watch. They attract ladies’ eyes!
The waystone rose gold wrist watches are new types in 2010, which are mixed with the waystone’s splendid brightly and the rose gold’s warm light. These two different kinds of rays flash together making the watches more attractive. The size of the watchcase is 26.5 mm, and the silver surface is ornamented with 11 blue numbers and blue waystone hands. This type of watches are ornamented with 44 nice diamonds around the out rings, which shines beautifully. Besides, they have L250 quartz movements which can show hours, minutes and seconds. They are matched with rose gold chains. Furthermore, they are waterproof. Even in water 30 meters deep they still can work exactly.
This type of watches are elegant, delicate, attractive and charming to every lady. Don’t you think they are not only watches but also precious jewelry?

Giving it to yourself, it will be the most encouraging and precious New Year gift; Having it on your beautiful wrist, showing the time passing, everything beside you will lose its light!

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