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Well, actually, if you have noticed, we have got lots of negative examples on the streets that can serve as a lesson. We’ve seen too many fleshy women wandering in tank tops and low-rise jeans. And I myself have been fed up with those “muffin tops” everywhere, let alone the guys. That’s really not good.

Instead of the idea that simple is the best, I would rather go with “suitable is the best!” Before you follow the trend people are pushing in those fashion magazines, you’d better ask yourself if the looks work for you. Those so-called “must-have” items are not really that necessary to some degree. Keep in mind that the only “must-haves” in life are oxygen, water, food and self-esteem. It is you that only matter. It’s hard to get the perfect figures like those of the sexy cover girls. But it is hell easy to let proper clothing do the job. The key is to emphasize the great things you’ve got, like a flat stomach, and to conceal your weak points, like the flabby thighs.

Do not follow your impulse when you are shopping, if you are not as rich as Paris Hilton. Buy clothes which you know you’ll put on over and over again because they make you look and feel fantastic. Think twice especially you are going for something expensive.

If you have been to a club or a bar, you must have noticed that 3/4 of the ladies are half naked. Of course, some of them look pretty good and sexy, while the other half can look quite scary, but the warning is that dressing like this usually attracts guys looking for something like a one-night stand. I bet that’s not the exact thing you want. So you should let the guy like you, not your body only. Dress sexily but in an understated way. Do not let your clothes yell that you’ve got to get yourself a man tonight. Besides, you’d better make it comfortable, which can keep you in the best state.

How much money your dress or handbag costs just does not count. If you make the right choices, cheap stuff can also make you a queen. But those famous designers can certainly provide some brilliant ideas to make you look great. But you know, they have never made any compromise on prices. If you do love those clothing items and gorgeous handbags, but can not afford them, replicas will be a good try, but what I am talking about are those top quality pieces, not the shoddy knockoffs.

So you see, it really takes some work to dress right for a date, if you really care about the guy. I can not ensure you that these suggestions can get you your Mr. Right, but they are sure to help.

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