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Now, please open your wardrobe, if your wardrobe is full of white T – shirts and loose trousers only, then it is the time to go shopping, of course, it is unreasonable and expensive to change the entire wardrobe, so take your time to put away those unfashionable clothes and find out what you still need. There is no doubt that there are some clothes and accessories are necessary in your wardrobe. Whether you attend formal or informal occasions, these clothes and accessories will help you to catch other people’s attention.

What’s in your wardrobe? Having a Gray suit seems a good idea. For almost any kind of occasion, you can wear a gray suit, no matter it is a wedding ceremony, an interview, a party or even a funeral. Gray suit is a classical style and can last for decades of years. So the gray suit can be kept in your wardrobe. Besides gray suit, it is also a good idea for us to get a single breasted jacket, for we can wear it easily no matter what kind of occasion it is. Then what kind of clothes can we throw? The answer is pleated pants, for they are easy to get of fashion.

In addition to these ones, you also need a pair of blue jeans in your closet, but do not forget to get a pair of classical style jeans, when you go to a party, go hiking or go shopping, and so on. Blue jeans always a good choice for you to choose.

A tie must be important for men, especially when they attend some formal occasions. Then how to check out these ties? Then I will give you an advice, you should avoid purchasing those fancy or colorful ties as they are not practical. For example, you cannot wear it to attend a funeral. Moreover, a black leather belt, and a pair of black shoes are indispensible for you.

Besides these basic clothes, you must also purchase a few of casual T – shirts as well, for these shirts can match with your jeans well.

Please tidy your wardrobe in order for it will make you comfortable and relaxed.

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