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With iPhone 4’s high impact and popularity, iPhone 5 also get more expectations and concerns that expected to be launched in June this year. Now, there are many rumors spread about iPhone 5. It seems almost certain that this new generation of Apple iPhone will inject more new features. Here let’s dig the 8 conjectures for Apple iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 parts comes from a Website

iPhone 5′s outer border is consistent with iPhone 4, but the antenna has been redesigned.

Conjecture 1: Dual Core CPU

With Motorola Atrix 4G, LG Optimus 2X’s released, the dual-core processor became the popular trend in 2011. It is no exception that Apple is preparing the latest ARM Cortex A9 for iPhone 5. It brings more powerful processing speed and multi-media expression by integrating the GPU.

Currently, it is said that Apple is expected to use its own A5 processor on iPhone 5. The Apple A5 processor features dual-core architecture based on ARM Crotex A9. It has the similar architecture of Motorola Atrix 4G and LG Optimus 2X, while it supports more smooth control speed as well as 1080P HD video.

Conjecture 2: Support WCDMA/CDMA200 Dual Mode 3G Network

iPhone 5 may support CDMA/GSM dual mode network, while Apple will give up using Infineon chip instead of Qualcomm’s. Then there’s no difference between GSM & CDMA for iPhone when equipped with dual mode network chips sets. Also it can help Apple saving costs. However, the current GSM/CDMA dual mode chip is no more wonderful performance on data transferring. Of course, with the developing technology, maybe those shortages on past dual mode cell phones will be overcome in the next generation chips. But we are still not sure whether GSM/CDMA or 3G/4G network will appear on iPhone 5.

Conjecture 3: Support NFC (Near Field Communication)

As we all know, Apple’s secret of success is it has great ability to innovate, particularly in adding their own ideas on some techniques. For instance, it makes original video calls as Face Time so that it can be different from others. Now, the features of NFC is similar to Face Time on iPhone 4, the core part is well avoid the operator, therefore it can be controlled completely by iPhone OS and apps. It brings more convenient to users when connecting to computers and synchronizing data.

Conjecture 4: Little Change in Appearance

Apple’s product design has always been praised, so the next generation iPhone also draw human attention in appearance. According to those disclosed information, Apple iPhone 5 will have little changes in appearance compared to past versions.

Conjecture 5: Built-in 800 Million Pixel Camera

Beside the powerful processors, the built-in amera also become the concern of Apple’s iPhone. IIt is indicated by analyst that the built-in camera will be one of the main feature of new iPhone, and Apple may use Sony’s product on camera’s assembly and module instead of OmniVision — the original Apple iPhone’s camera sensor supplier. It might be use Sony Exmor R’s back-illuminated image sensor, because which features in its good image quality even if in the dark environment. In addition, recording, playing 1080P Full HD video also will be the new selling point of iPhone 5.

Conjecture 6: Brand new PowerVR Graphics Processor

Compared to the built-in 800 MP camera, iPhone 5’s graphics processor GPU seems the more certain information for now. Developers have already found the graphics core content of the PowerVR SGX543 in latest released iOS 4.3 beta test version. It is obviously to see that Apple plans to use next generation graphics processor PowerVR SGX543 in iPhone 5.

Conjecture 7: Better Cloud Computing

iPhone 5 has no more advantages on using experience as if only from its hardware upgrade to see. There are a number of deficiencies on cloud computing of the past. So it became a new part of improvement. As the strongest rival of Apple, Android phones are simple and easy to control in this regard. The phone can immediately synchronize contacts, calendar and other information based on Google services, so that users only need to enter the Gmail user name and password.

In contrast, Apple’s iPhone still have to rely on iTunes to activate and sync. Although there are some Apple applications, for example Dropbox, which can offer “cloud computing”, but seems it has no good enough performance. However, there is limited information in this regard so that it is not clear whether the rumors Apple iOS 5 will have such improvements.

Conjecture 8: Apple Map Navigation

Since the first iPhone released in 2007, Apple iOS system’s default map application has always been Google’s graphics software. Therefore, Apple minimizes dependence on Google services, it seems logical. In the last year and the year before, Apple purchased PlaceBase that known as the major competitor of Google Maps, and the map software company Poly9. Therefore, it may mean that Apple will use their own map services on iPhone5 or next iOS devices.

Owning to the lesson of early disclosed iPhone 4, Apple is more cautious in confidential works. Therefore, all iPhone 5’s specifications belong to rumors currently, and its authenticity has to be further confirmed.

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