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Friends are a precious treasure for me in my whole life time. They comfort me in my most sorrow days. They share happiness in my sun days. We together enjoy the sweetness and taste the bitterness in our lives. They play the exceedingly important role in my life stage. Without them, the stage of my life will be dark and dim. As a result, I cherish every moment we have spent together. Considering this, I have to mention my best friend Nadia. She is my angel accompany me experiencing my hardest time. I sincerely appreciate her help and accompany. We are like sisters. These days, I consider buying a pair of necklace for us as to memorize the time we spent together. That’s very meaningful for us.

How to pick up this friendship necklace? There are some tips to refer to.
The necklace I think should be personalized. They can present the character of both you and are something related with your memories. For example, many like their necklace to be stamped their own names on the pendants. Some special shape pendants may remind you of the funny time you ever have or the unforgettable moment you have experienced.

Some choose the lock and key pendants which symbolize the mutual understanding – use my key to open your heart lock. Some choose the heart halves shape. Two halves make a complete one. Those are all interesting pendants and are meaningful.

Some like put their photos in the lockets. In this way, each seems to feel the other anytime and anywhere.

Once I bought a pair of finger rings for us. Those are the magic rings since they can change the color automatically with your mood. Now I want to buy us a pair of necklaces. It will take some time for me to consider seriously.

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