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At the beginning of March, People Tree launches its new spring and summer collections. The prolocutor is a girl who was just 20 years old – Emma Watson. As a young actress, Emma Watson has made a great success in her career. For Emma, fashion just means an unexpected gift, it comes from the inner heart of her and she really felt funny with fashion.
As for the collections of People Tree in this summer, Emma Watson expresses us the perfect feel of these collections. She was also satisfied with the collaboration with People Tree in this warm season. According to her words, she thinks that fashion is not something that you can learn from other people. It depends on your interest and hobby. Besides, Emma Watson also likes to wear herself to release the great pressure that comes from the work. People Tree just offers her a platform to show her beauty to the world, and she also hopes the next collaboration with People Tree.
The collections of People Tree in 2011 have made some changes to the traditional pieces. The travel to Bangladesh provides Emma an opportunity herself to see the accomplishment of these collections. The materials of the clothes all come from the natural fiber; they are made of 100% cotton as well as handmade. Emma Watson said that was the amazing place of People Tree Spring and Summer collections.
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