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1. What are the definitions of unlocked phone and customized phones?

Unlocked phones are GSM phones which are available in SIM cards from any network carriers. Customized phones are with software setting before they are sold and the software setting can keep the phone recognizing a SIM card from only one carrier. Sometimes people use a customized phone when they have signed a family plan with some network service providers. Nokia currently offers the widest range of unlocked GSM phones.

2. Where are the locked phones from?

In areas like United States, there are many network carriers and they are in fierce competition. To be more competitive, they often provide deeply discounted or free of charge phone to attract users using their network service. Users sign a cell phone plan with these carriers and the carrier will offer them mobile phones in low price. During the effective contract period, users must apply the carrier’s network service. These locked phones are not available in working with other carriers. AT & T and T-Mobile are the two largest GSM network carriers in US, and the Verizon Wireless and Sprint provide CDMA networks.

3. What are the benefits of buying a Nokia unlocked cellphone?

Nokia has plenty of choices for mobile phone models and people have broad option space. With a Nokia unlocked phone, you can use the Ovi Store to download free apps, games, widgets, ringtones, wallpapers and videos. The Ovi Maps offer free voice guided navigation and Nokia unlocked phones can get this service for free.

4. Why should I forgo a low price locked phone and buy a full retail price unlocked phone?

The locked phones seem to be cost-efficient in the beginning, but you have to obey the contract and these plans usually rules the minimum charge per month, and during the contract period, you have to use the network service however you are unsatisfied with the carrier. And after the contract period, the carrier agrees to unlock your phone by charging a fee, your phone may not be able to work with other carriers. Unlocked phones are flexible and you can change any SIM card any time.

5.What’s difference between a locked phone and unlocked phone?

Locked phones are unveiled by specific carriers so the surface of the phone has the name of the carrier. It is easy to identify.

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