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Van Cleef &Arpels is holding its natural and aesthetic philosophy to adopt natural elements to make exquisite jewelry series.

In 2010 works of Haute Couture, Van Cleef &Arpels had released High Jewelry in butterfly design and became hit jewelry design.

In your life, beautiful moments of flying butterfly will be fleeting. But High Jewelry of Van Cleef &Arpels can help you remember the beautiful moment eternally. There is an excellent jewelry in Van Cleef &Arpels is Papillons series jewelry that adopts multiple delicate jewelry manufacture crafts. For example, mystery setting can make these gemstones used in a mysterious way so that they are shown in a naturally exquisite design. In fact, they are decorated by colorful and gorgeous gemstones.

And the ring circle is made into a butterfly design that is inlaid colorful delicate gemstone. There is an incised ruby set in the center that makes a picture that butterfly looks for its sweet flower powder.

Papillons series jewelry adopts elaborate colorful diamonds and fine platinum to make vivid butterfly images. The necklace is made by sapphire beads in a cluster and a butterfly design is set to join the beads chain. Platinum is made out a butterfly sketch and colorful diamonds are used to decorate it.

No mater it is front side, back side or some hide places, it is designed in sound skills and crafts. And you can feel its superlative crafts from the butterfly brooch. Wings of butterfly are inlaid tiny incised diamonds and you will catch a sight that wings are flapping with reflect of lights from all directions. The purple diamonds and sapphire butterfly brooch can be pinned on your fashionable dresses. It will make you more elegant with its elegant color style and stylish design.

Regardless of superlative skills used, Van Cleef &Arpels inherits imagination and innovation from past a few decades, and makes out flexible butterfly images to keep their eternal beauty. The platinum butterfly bracelet borrows the beautiful picture from butterfly lingering on the flowers. There are three flying butterflies that are inlaid diamonds on their flapping wings.

Besides, there is a lovely diamond key chain in butterfly design. Wings are made by polished and flat gemstone slice and body of butterfly is inlaid diamonds fully. If you hang it on your key, it will become a flying beautiful butterfly.

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