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Nowadays, we are living in a constantly changing society. Whoever grasps the latest word, he or she will master initiative. I believe the mobile phone can make this dream come true. Then how to choose a suitable cell phone is becoming more important? What should you pay attention to when you are buying a mobile phone? Her are five tips for you.

Tip 1. Choosing network

Firstly, you should decide which network system you want. In present, there are China Telecom and China Unicom network operators in China. Because China Telecom is earlier than China Unicom, it covers all around the world while China Unicom covers less. Therefore, customers can select according to their personal condition.

Tip 2. Choosing brand

The number of the mobile phone brand is about 30 and the types are more than 100. So customers could choose from the credit of manufacturer, after- sales service, the quality and fittings of mobile phones.

Tip 3. Choosing shop

Now the shops which sell mobile phones are filled with every corner of the streets. In my opinion, you would better go to the exclusive shops or shopping mall. Because their inbound channels are regular and they have quality assurance after sale. Although the price in retail shops is cheaper than exclusive shops, it usually has quality issues.

Tip 4. Choosing price

The most important aspect that customers concerned is the price. Everybody wants such mobile phones which have small size, long standby time and complete-function. But it is often very expensive. In general condition, at the beginning, the listed price is extremely high. So you should grasp the proper time and can buy it later.

Tip 5. Choosing maintenance service

Mobile phones are high- tech products. It needs all-purpose tester when it needs repairing. So you must check carefully whether it guarantees repair. If it guarantees lifelong maintenance, you must remember to ask for the letter of assurance in order to avoid unnecessary troubles.

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