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Unfortunately, I am a round face shape and I have experienced a lot of pain when I trying to find the best hairdo. Now I would like to share my experience here and hope they can help you if you also have the same face like me.

First, you can notice the people who have the similar face shape as you and compare their styles to see whether it suits you or not. Then you can go to the barber to try out the haircut you like most.

Beautiful Square Face Hairstyle

Second, I would like to share you several hairdos which suit square face shape and two types of haircuts they should avoid. As we all know, for those square face shape, their face always as long as it is wide. And typical for this face is that it has a wide jaw and hairline and the people with square face tend to look shorter than they are. In order to make you look perfect, you need short or medium length which can make your face look longer. At the same time you need curly and wavy styles which can make your face look roundness around your face. And also you can choose wavy hairstyle with side-bangs because the across bangs can help you to change the perception of shape to the eye and making it appear rounder than square.

Right Hairstyle for Square Face

square face hairstyle
square face hairstyle

Short and medium curly hair make them more beautiful and charming than before.

square face hairstyle

This hairstyle represents that she is cool and fashion.

Square Face Hairstyle

Wavy hairstyle with side-bangs make her square face a little bit long and more beatiful than any other face shape and more beautiful.

Wrong Hairstyle for Square Face


bad hairstyles for square face

The short hair will make your face more noticeable than the other parts because it makes your face squarer than before. Remember to avoid short cut hair.



bad hairstyles for square face shapes


No matter what kinds of hairdos you may choose, trying to keep your forehead free which can make your face look rounder.


bad hairstyles for square face shapes

Also, if you have a square face, you should keep away from long straight hairdos because these would emphasize your square jawbone.

Remember to choose the best hairstyle for you to show your beautiful side all the time. If you are round or oval face, welcome to click them.



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